5 Reasons We Love People Pay on the SNB Mobile App

5 Reasons We Love Using "People Pay" on the SNB Mobile App

November 15, 2017

Thanks to the new "People Pay" feature on the SNB Mobile App, it’s now easier than ever to send and receive money with friends and family. All you need is your smartphone!

Here are five reasons, in particular, that Security National Bank's own employees love using People Pay:


Whether you need to pay the babysitter or get paid for babysitting, People Pay makes easy work of sending and receiving money. It makes light — and secure — work of sending money how and when you need. Parents can send money to college students, friends can pay each other back for dinner, and so on.

"For me, it's all about convenience," says Jeremiah Back, personal banker at SNB. "In today's world you shouldn't have to worry just because you forgot your wallet or checkbook. That's what I love about People Pay."

2. People Pay is backed by your bank.

People Pay isn’t like Venmo, or other mobile payment systems, which have had their fair share of complications when it comes to scammers and fraud. If the worst happens, who will be there to help you on the other end of the line? Backed by Security National Bank, People Pay is an extension of the customer service and quality you know and expect from your community bank.

“Having access to funds shouldn’t be complicated, but it should always be safe,” says Josh Bliven, a branch manager at SNB. “We’re here to help customers maximize the convenience of sending money, while keeping their financial information secure. And if you have any issues at all with People Pay, we'll have a real person here to help."

3. It’s not just for SNB customers.

While you'll need to open an SNB account and register for online banking to use People Pay, you don’t have to be an SNB customer to receive funds (although it’s just one more wonderful reason for you to bank with us). Non-SNB customers will be notified via an email or a text message telling them to claim their money via a secure link and private claim code. It’s that easy!

"Let's say you have a relative across the country who doesn't bank with SNB — you can still pay them in a matter of seconds," says personal banker Rashell Derocher. "Our family usually buys Christmas presents together, and now we can pay each other back instantly."

4. check it off, instead

Not everyone wants or needs an electronic transfer of funds into their account, and that’s okay. Through People Pay, you can also direct Security National Bank to send a printed check — for free — to the address they provide.

"Not everyone is quite ready for the 'mobile payment' process, but that's OK," says Monica Waldon, Assistant Customer Service Manager at SNB. "You still have the option to use People Pay on your phone, while the person on the other end gets a paper check — a form of payment they're more comfortable with."

5. people pay keeps you connected.

People Pay is just another method of keeping you in tune with your bank account. 

“One of the benefits of using People Pay is that it’s keeping our customers more active on mobile banking — which means they are more connected to their accounts, their account balances, and their spending and saving habits,” says Mandi Sievers, Assistant Vice President of Retail Services at SNB.Our Mobile Banking App has made personal finance much more manageable.”

"Financial Technology, aka Fintech, is an emerging financial services sector," adds Matt Stachowitz, Assistant Vice President. "It’s important we recognize the needs of our customers and effectively balance technology, safety and convenience. We are proud to offer Fintech innovation, like People Pay, to the marketplace."

Have you downloaded the new SNB Mobile App yet? It's the most convenient way to check your account balances, transfer funds, pay bills and now — to pay anyone from anywhere using "People Pay"!