Women and Retirement Seminar a Huge Success

Women's Wealth Seminar a Huge Success

September 21, 2017

On September 12th, 2017, nearly 200 women from around Siouxland turned up to hear what financial expert Candice Tse had to say about building their investment confidence.

Tse delivered a strong message about the financial force women are in today’s world, and how women can start translating their consumer power and money influence into investment confidence. She then showed attendees a step-by-step process to take control of their investments and start securing their financial futures.

"The message really hit home with me,” said Erika Herrera, seminar attendee, on the night of the event. “It helped the women who were here tonight realize how truly powerful we can be.”

Security National Bank decided to host the event after a recent study revealed that women are just as financially literate as men, but are 44% less likely to consider themselves knowledgeable. That lack of confidence causes a hesitation in saving for retirement that most women can’t afford, as we discussed in our previous blog, Mind the Gap: Why Women in Sioux City Need to Save More for Retirement Than Men.

“I’m already doing some of the steps that Candice talked about, but now I also know some new steps that I need to do,” added Herrera. “I would say I’m definitely more confident after this event than I was before it.”

SNB regularly hosts seminars and workshops to help educate and empower the community on retirement planning, wealth management, and financial health. And the Wealth Management Team is always available to help you plan your financial future (in fact, you can contact them here to get started).

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