A New Day, A New Logo.

We're evolving because we believe
it matters

It's time we update our look to keep pace with the way people bank. We have more than a century of experience being this region's most secure and trusted bank, and our look must be every bit as strong.

True Blue

We’ve kept blue as our primary color because it represents our loyalty and reliability. The new palette gives us an opportunity to better reflect the Security National Bank you already know.

An Evolution, not a Revolution

Our refreshed logo is part of an overall brand design that signifies our high standards and reflects a revitalized, bank-wide vision.

Crafted For The Future

The design of some of our branches has been or will be updated and aligned for a better banking experience.

Built on
Timeless Values

Our look may evolve, but in all our years of service, the essence of who we are has not — and will not — change. Our reputation and track record is rock solid, and we're still locally owned and operated.

Creativity Meets Common Sense

We're adapting to the way people bank today — including how you use your debit card. The new vertical design brings chip technology to the forefront, for a more intuitive and secure way to make a purchase.

If it matters to you,
it matters to us.