Download the Financial Planning Workbook

Security has put together a Financial Lifestyle Workbook as the first step to improving the quality of your life, as well as the lives of those you care about. Long-term financial planning is the most important exercise you can do to increase the likelihood that your retirement will be secure and satisfying.

Let us help you increase your wealth potential. The process is easy:

  • Download the fillable PDF of the Financial Lifestyle Workbook
  • If you need help filling out the workbook or have questions, please call Dan DeMarestCFP® at (712) 277-6607 or (800) 475-4468 
  • Review, establish and prioritize your goals.
  • Set appointment to review goals.
  • Establish or set an appointment to review results and modify your plan. 

For most clients, the Retirement Lifestyle Plan delivers the first good news they’ve had in a long time; they realize that the sky isn’t falling, and they’ll be OK.

Many people spend more time planning their two week vacation than planning for retirement.

Filling out the Lifestyle workbook only requires a short investment of your time and will help you:

  • Prioritize your goals before and during retirement
  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Identify resources available to fund your goals and living requirements
  • Create a Financial Lifestyle Plan that will help you reach your life goals

You will also receive a report book that will give you insights to your financial situation, including:

  • How long will your resources last?
  • Will you be able to meet or exceed your lifestyle goals?
  • When can you afford to retire? 
  • How should your portfolio be customized to reach your various goals?
  • What is your probability of success?
  • How can you maximize the transfer of wealth to the next generation?