Do you know how much money you will need to retire (at the same lifestyle you currently have)?

Most people would not start a journey or a project if they were not confident they had the resources to do it. Yet, in a recent survey only 43% of the population has actually tried to calculate how much they will need. The same survey found that the number one concern that most working age individuals have, regardless of net worth, is their ability to have a comfortable retirement and not outlive their assets. To be financially secure in retirement takes sound planning which should begin when we enter the work force and continue throughout our lives. For many the question is: Where do I begin?

Well, first, do you have accurate answers for the following questions?

  1. What do I spend each month and year?
  2. What the major expenses that you project after retirement or for the next 10 years? (, wedding, relocation, new or upgraded home, travel)
  3. What will the health insurance premiums cost after retirement?
  4. What is the date when I can receive “full” Social Security and what will that benefit be?

There are many more questions about lifestyle and post retirement activities that you should ask yourself and your spouse if married, but these are numbers that most people do not have readily available. Know where you are the first step in planning whereyou want to be.

In the process of gathering information you will be surprised.

  • In retirement, at a time when income becomes more fixed, the majority of people entering retirement still have significant debt. The federal government estimates that 80.2% of the near-retirees had an average debt of over $120,000 in 2010 during a period of extremely low interest. Are you on track to be debt free when you retire or when rates rise?

  • A study of postretirement spending found that retirees spending in the first two years of retirement averaged 40% more than the last two years before retirement. If you have budgeted for annual income equal to your preretirement pay, if you have not budgeted for the higher special spending during the early retirement years,you will take a sever bite out of your savings which will reduce your income for the rest of your life.

If you are serious about getting ready for the future, you should begin here with Security National’s Wealth Management Team to help you. We have the information and the tools to understand where you are and what it will cost to be where you want at retirement. Security National’s Wealth Management team has over 800 years of combined experience in helping people find answers.

Gathering information is one of the first steps and Security has acomprehensive but understandable worksheet that you can use to gather yourfinancial information. To open the form, just click here. Download Your Retirement Lifestyle Book to begin planning today.

  • Organize your personal information on assets, liabilities, income sources and expenses.

  • Assess what benefits might be available from the Social Security System and what option would be best for you and/or your family for receiving benefits.

  • Identify and discuss goals for the future such as travel, education for children, relocation after retirement,hobbies, or many other items that require financial resources.

  • Input data to MoneyGuidePro- the most widely used financial planning software. Once in the system, you will have online access to update information, change priorities and assumptions and run “what-if” scenarios.

  • Review your employer sponsored retirement plan and recommend a strategy to maximize your additions and make the assets grow .There are still many employees in the workforce who are entitled to retirement contributions but do not take the steps to enroll.We can help.

  • Help you determine what investment strategy is consistent with your risk tolerance and gets your money to grow to the level you need it. Then our investment team can help you create a portfolio that is both cost efficient and productive.

  • Our advisors can share their experiences in dealing with thousands of retirees and their families. We can help you plan what you will retire into and not what you will merely retire from.

It is unfortunate, but as the saying goes,

"Most people will spend more time planning their 2 week vacation than they will spend planning their 20 year retirement".

The life expectancy in the United States has risen to over age 80 for most people. For those retiring at the normal age 65, that means their money will need to last more than 15 years. And in that time, expenses will rise, but will your investments keep pace?

You can be ready and we can help you.

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