There are two things that matter in your financial journey: Where you are now and where you want to go, aka planning for retirement. 

Let’s get started by taking the look at retirement planning through the ages.


Age 20-30

First jobs, first cars, first apartments—welcome to the wonderful world of adulting! As your paychecks increase, so do your financial responsibilities and the juggling act that often follows. Our experts can help show you how to keep all the balls in the air.

The first taste of personal independence can be at once empowering and terrifying; you are finally making steady money, but are now also strapped with paying student loans, financing a car and building a whole new life for yourself, which includes retirement planning that is 40 years in the making. It’s easy to get overwhelmed or go into debt at this stage (or both), so when you start to feel that sinking feeling, don’t panic—reach for your partners at Security National Bank Wealth Management. We’ll help you plot a firm retirement planning foundation on which you can build a lifetime of financial security.


Age 30-50

As you live out your 30s, 40s, and 50s, you may be waiting for that coveted, “I totally have my stuff together” feeling, which is the myth of middle age. Our financial planning team has the tools to grow your financial confidence on the back burner so that you can stir the pots in front of you.

Welcome to the “Wait. What?” years of financial planning. As you slipped into your 30s, something dramatic happened; suddenly you’re a homeowner, a spouse, a parent and an experienced professional on the way to the best years of your career. In the middle of running kids to ballet, attending career-boosting seminars, volunteering at the local elementary school and fixing the faucet, you also have to think about how you’re going to pay for college, save for retirement and stay out of debt. Good thing there are tools for all of this, and they are all right here for your convenience. Security National Bank's Wealth Management team will help you get started with planning for retirement or making sure that your retirement plans are going as planned.


Age 50-65

In this stage of the game, you’re no longer treading water when it comes to finances. You actually have a moment to focus—and swim—toward the land of retirement. Your Wealth Management team is here to help you not only make it to shore, but also be able to enjoy the view from the beach.

This is the age when the phrase “You're almost there” shouldn’t make you panic. As you transition from the ragged climb of the corporate (and parental) ladder to the empowering view of your achievements, your financial goals now have a more singular purpose: your upcoming retirement. Now that it’s right around the corner, it’s time to walk the walk. How do you envision your days of retirement? What do you expect to do with your time, energy and money? Our Security National Bank Wealth Management team will take your retirement vision and help make it your next reality.


Age 65+

Life may not begin at retirement, but it can feel that way for many people as they clock out for the last time and find new purpose in their days. Now is the time to switch gears with your financial strategy as you go from investment tactics to tax and saving strategies. Let the fun begin!

Retirement is when the magic happens. Or at least it can, if you’ve planned appropriately and have the right attitude. Retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions; if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by this stage of life, our Wealth Management team can put that worry to work with sound investment strategies, money management plans and financial guidance.

Start retirement planning today

If you're ready to begin planning for retirement or you've already begun saving for retirement, the Security National Bank Wealth Management team can help you at any stage of your retirement plans. Don't wait any longer. Let our team of experts help you ensure that you have the best retirement possible. Reach out to us today