Presenters:  Michael List, Krista Biernbaum and Tom Lim

Mid-year Market Review - "Soft Landing" Scenario Playing Out

July 8, 2024
By Tom Limoges
Vice President - Investments

At the midpoint of 2024, the Fed’s “Soft Landing” scenario of slowing economic growth and inflation continues to play out.  U.S. equity returns are concentrated, yet positive, while bond returns are mixed.  Elections in the second half of the year has the potential to increase volatility, but is there a silver lining?  In the 2024 midyear market and economic update, the investment team provides an update to the current environment as well as the outlook moving into the second half of the year. 


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About the Author

Tom Limoges

Tom Limoges is Vice President of Investments, developing investment strategies for Security National's Wealth Management Division. He holds an M.B.A. from Wayne State (Neb.) College, and has served customers at Security National Bank since 2002.