What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your retirement investment portfolio? 

Having a thorough understanding of your goals as an investor provides our investment management team with a road map to use in constructing your portfolio. And because we do not have any proprietary products, we are not “selling” investments for any particular mutual fund company and we receive no brokerage compensation for trading, you can be assured the recommendations and solutions we present to you are made with one goal in mind – Helping you realize your goals.

Why do I need retirement investment advice? My company or broker will tell what to do?

Retirement plan sponsors and brokers are supposed to help you make investment decisions, however the quantity and quality of that advice varies greatly. There are certain investment fundamentals which are universal such as select investments with strong credit quality and a proven performance record, and diversifying your investments. However, even with that information, over 78% of the people in the U.S. have not calculated how much money they will need to retire. 

Even with that information, now comes the difficult part; how to select and manage investments from the tens of thousands of different securities. There are over 27,000 mutual funds and thousands more investment securities; which are the right ones to make your plan work? That is where working with an experienced investment team with a proven a 130 year history is critical to your future success. Security National Bank’s Wealth Management Investment team listens first to your goals and objectives and then uses their years of training and experience to match the appropriate investments to your goals. 

Is investing in a tax deferred retirement account different than investing individually?

There is a big difference between investing in a tax deferred retirement account and investing individually. In a tax deferred account, any investment transactions occurring within the account do not result in any immediate tax consequences. Therefore decisions on when to buy and sell are not driven by income tax consequences in a particular tax year, but rather by the appropriateness of the sale. Interest, dividends or capital gains are treated the same within the account and at distribution. While that is good, it also means that any losses cannot be used to offset gains.

Is investing in a tax deferred retirement account better than investing individually?

As mentioned in the previous question, investment transactions occurring within a tax deferred or tax free account do not result in any immediate tax being taken and thereby reducing the amount you have to invest. Even people in the minimum federal tax brackets will pay at least 10% or more of their earning for taxes. In a tax deferred or tax free account, this money stays in the account and you can reinvest it over and over until you decide to take it out. In states with incomes taxes, the benefit of this type of account is even greater.

Don’t you just sell me the investments the company tells you to sell?

Security National’s Wealth Management Investment team has access to world-wide, well recognized, money management teams and resources and is not tied to any single product, service provider or investment company. Rather we have the opportunity for diversification among many different investment managers and have the ability to change investment alternatives without additional costs. 

Won’t fees take too much of the investment returns?

At Security National, we use cost and tax conscious portfolio construction by utilizing institutional class investment options and institutional stock and bond trading relationships. There are no 12b-1 fees on any mutual fund or money market fund used in the managed Wealth Management portfolios. By using the no load low expense funds and other investments, accounts have more to invest.

Why can’t I just make my own investment decisions?

You are always in control. It is only after a thoughtful conversation about your objectives, tolerance for volatility (dramatic changes in the markets) and experience that we then offer suggestions as to what your portfolio might look like and what investments within the portfolio are going to be most appropriate for your unique situation.

If I do not plan to retire for many years, why do I need advice after I invest? 

Markets change as to companies and interest rates. What may be a good idea today can change dramatically into a risk or loss. Security National staff and the Investment committee review all of the account holdings on a regular basis to ensure compliance with your investment objective guidelines. By having access to the most current information on the investment markets, the advisor can recommend adjustments to optimize return and safety. The advisor will also have periodic reviews with you to discuss performance, and make any adjustments necessary to meet the needs of your plan. You will receive concise, accurate report in writing or electronic formats.