A personal approach to investment management.

In today’s investment environment, a “one-size fits all” approach doesn't work. Every investor has his or her own goals, risk tolerance, timetable, and available funds. At Security National Bank, we don’t start with your investment options. We start with you.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your investment portfolio? 

While you may think the answer to this question is straightforward—“Make my money make more money”—how you approach this question will tell us a lot about your goals and objectives. It will also get the ball rolling to other important questions. Are you saving for education ? Retirement ? A home ? How accessible do you want the funds to be? How closely do you want to monitor them?

It is only after this discussion that we can have a thoughtful conversation as to what your portfolio might look like and what investments within the portfolio are going to be most appropriate for your unique situation. You’ve worked hard for your money; we’re here to help make sure it works just as hard for you.

Security National Bank does not have any proprietary products. We are not “selling” investments for any particular mutual fund company, and we receive no brokerage compensation for trading. You can be assured the recommendations and solutions we present to you are made with one goal in mind—to help you realize yours.

Security National Bank Investment Management Advantages

Our investment management team is a group with over 60 years combined experience. We are dedicated. We are local. And we focus exclusively on cultivating the best financial strategy for each of our customers. Here’s how.

We offer flexibility.

• Diverse and flexible investment options to fit any risk tolerance
• Not tied to a single product or service provider
• Opportunity for diversification among different fund managers
• Opportunity to change investment alternatives without additional costs

Our investments are institutional.

• Access to world-wide, well recognized, fund management firms and resources
• Cost and tax conscious portfolio construction by utilizing institutional class investment options and institutional stock and bond trading relationships
• No 12b-1 fees on any mutual fund or money market fund used

We constantly monitor and evaluate.

• Ongoing monitoring of investment options to ensure compliance with policy guidelines
• Periodic reviews with you to discuss performance, and to make any adjustments necessary to meet the needs of the plan
• Concise, accurate reports

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