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Access to your money is easier than ever with our personal checking account options.

No matter what your financial goals are, having a checking account is a necessary part of conducting personal business. Security National Bank provides checking account options with a variety of balance and reward incentives. Which account style is a good fit for you?


Minimum Opening Balance $50 $50 $50 $50
Daily Balance Requirements $0 $0 $2,500 $0
Interest Bearing
ATM/Debit Card Available
Free Debit Card Replacement Service
Free Standard Style Checks
First Order Free
Club & Merchant Discounts
Unlimited Check Writing
Free eBank & Bill Pay
Free eStatements (Required) (Required)
Additional Benefits

Identity Theft Protection Services
Cellular Telephone Protection
3-in-1 Credit Reports & Credit Score

ATM Refunds up to $12 Many additional perks!
Service Charges VISA debit/ATM card
available with this
account for $1.50/mo.
Initial card fee $6.79
$4.95 monthly Initial card fee $6.79 $6.95 monthly
($3.95 ages 60+)
Full Summary Full Summary Full Summary Full Summary

Apply Now to the account of your choice or start by filling out our No-Switch Ache Switch Kit Form.

Want even more flexibility? Link your personal checking account to a Security National Bank VISA Debit card . Our debit card will give you immediate access to cash and funds when you travel, shop, or dine out. Manage your account online , on the road , or in person ; with so many ways to access, fund, and maintain your account, you’ll never be far from your money.

With all of the access and control personal checking accounts offer, making and sticking with a budget is easier than ever. Not sure how to start? Check out our Home Budget Calculator , which will help you navigate your personal finances in a clear and simple way. When it comes to making smart choices with your every dollar, Security National Bank is here to help.

Want more money in your checking account? Check out the many benefits of spending less . If you need a more in-depth look at your finances to make sure you have the right account for your money, our talented team of financial experts is here to help you. Call or stop in today!

Overdraft Protection Service

Security National Bank is pleased to provide Overdraft Protection Service (OPS) to customers who maintain both a checking account and a savings account. In the event your checking account becomes overdrawn, the exact dollar amount is automatically transferred from your savings account to your checking account. Please note, if sufficient funds are not available in your savings account, normal overdraft fees will apply. If you find yourself in trouble with overdrafts, check out our Checkbook Balancer and put yourself in charge of your finances.

Don’t have a savings account? Setting up your own little nest egg is easier than you think, and can provide you with additional security, interest, and rewards. Security National Bank has several saving account options to fit your growing needs. Isn’t it time to make the most of your money? 

See which savings account is right for you!