Online Banking with Security National Bank

Online banking is a feature included with all of our checking, savings and loan accounts at Security National Bank. Stay on top of your money around the clock, from wherever you are — all you need is a computer or smart device to get started!

Keep tabs and manage your accounts.

Manage your checking, savings and loan accounts — all in just a few clicks:

  • Review account balances.
  • Transfer money between accounts.
  • Search transaction history.
  • Create/export personal financial reports.
  • Set up account notifications. 

Send and receive money.

Send money to a friend of family member with the click of a button. All you need is their email address or phone number, thanks to our Zelle feature.

Pay bills automatically.

Save time, stamps and stress by setting up automatic bill payments through online banking. Our online bill pay system makes it easy to make a payment, whether it’s a one-time fee or scheduled on a regular basis. With online bill pay, you’ll always have the peace of mind knowing your payment has made it securely to its destination.

Get paperless statements.

Online statements are the fastest and most secure way to receive your monthly or quarterly account statements.

Feel secure.

We are proud to ensure the highest level of digital security when it comes to our online banking experience. Follow our security tips to ensure your information is kept as secure as possible.

Get started today:

Don't have a checking or savings account with SNB? That's OK, first  compare our accounts to find an option that works for you. We include online banking as a feature with all of our accounts, because convenience matters to you — and it matters to us, too.

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