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Northwestern Bank is now Security National Bank.



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John HellerNorthwestern Bank officially becomes Security National Bank on Oct. 16, 2023. Truth be told, SNB has already been serving this community for years as a member of the same family of banks as Northwestern Bank. So there might be a new name on the door, but all of the great people you've come to know at the bank are still here, ready to help with anything you need.

We've prepared this webpage to share information about accounts and services during the conversion process, so you know what exactly to expect as part of the transition. If you need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to your local branch or contact us online.

— John P. Heller, President & CEO, Northwestern Bank


Important Dates

As we work through the details of coming together, we want to keep you informed about important dates and times related to the conversion weekend.

Prior to Conversion Weekend:

  • All debit card holders from Northwestern Bank will receive a new Security National Bank VISA debit card. Do not activate or use this card until after the conversion weekend. 

Friday, Oct. 13: NWB Branches Close

  • All Northwestern Bank branches will close at 5:30 p.m. until normal reopening time on Monday, Oct. 16.
  • Online and Mobile Banking will become unavailable from 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 through 8 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 16.
  • ATMs will be available throughout the weekend.
  • Continue to use your old Northwestern Bank debit card throughout the weekend.

Oct. 14-15: Branches Closed

  • All Northwestern Bank branches remain closed throughout the weekend.

Monday, Oct. 16: Conversion Weekend Ends

  • All branches reopen at normal time.
  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking become available.
  • Begin using your activated Security National Bank VISA Debit Card(s). Your Northwestern Bank debit card(s) will no longer work.


What You Need to Know 

Customer Service Telephone Support: 

We’ll be here to answer your questions and concerns. Feel free to contact your local branch or call our customer support center at 1 (712) 277-6500.

New Automated Phone Banking Number:

If you use the bank’s automated phone system to check your balance or debit card information, the new Security National Automated Phone (SNAP) Banking phone number is (877) 762-4692.

New Debit Card Mailing & Activation Instructions: 

All debit card holders from Northwestern Bank should have received a new Security National Bank VISA debit card. You may activate and begin using this card on Monday, Oct. 16. At this time, your NWB card will no longer work.

Your Final Northwestern Bank Statement:

You will receive a final statement dated Oct. 15 for your Northwestern Bank account(s). Moving forward, you will start to receive Security National Bank statements on your regularly scheduled cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have questions related to the conversion process, and we have attempted to answer some of those here. If you cannot find your question, we would love to help you by phone or in person. You can contact your local branch or contact our customer support team.

Why are the banks merging?

Northwestern Bank and Security National Bank have had the same ownership group and have worked closely together for 50+ years. This merger will enable us to better serve the banking needs of our communities and provide added services and convenience to a broader group of individuals, families, farms and businesses.

How will my branch be affected?

The same friendly team you know today will be there to serve you tomorrow. Following the conversion weekend, Orange City and Sheldon offices will be open for business as normal.

Will your hours of operation change?


Will my account numbers change?

Nearly all account numbers will stay the same. However, in the extremely rare instance that an account number must change, the Bank will communicate this with the customer directly.

Will anything about my accounts change?

In general, most Northwestern Bank accounts will not be affected. However, in some cases you may have a slight fee adjustment or you may begin to receive a higher interest rate on your deposit account. We think you’ll be pleased with the features and benefits you will receive from Security National Bank.

NOTE: More account information can be found on this website, or as part of a physical brochure that should arrive in your mailbox prior to conversion weekend.

When can I make adjustments to my account?

Our systems are scheduled to be combined by Monday, October 16, after which you will be able to visit any branch location, log into online or mobile banking; or make any changes or transactions on your accounts. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible.

What is the routing number for Security National Bank?

Security National Bank’s routing number is 073900085. The Northwestern Bank routing number (073905006) will remain active for the time being; however when you order new checks in the future, the routing number will change to Security National Bank's.

Do I need to order new checks?

No. Since your current account numbers will not change, and the NWB routing number is still technically valid, you will not have to reorder new checks. However, when you run out of checks and it comes time to order new ones, the logo and featured routing number on the checks will be Security National Bank’s.

Note: If you order your checks through an outside company, and not through the Bank, you will need to notify the company of Security National Bank’s routing number (073900085).

Will I need to change my direct deposit, Social Security disbursements or any other automatic payments?

No. As mentioned above, the routing number from Northwestern Bank (073905006) will remain valid for the time being. However, you can take the proactive step and ensure a smooth transition by changing the routing number now on any payment arrangements. We also recommend that for any new payments where your routing number is requested, that you use the Security National Bank routing number of 073900085.

Will there be a change in the delivery of my account statements?

No, except for the fact that you will receive one final statement dated Oct. 15 for your Northwestern Bank account(s). Then moving forward, you will start to receive Security National Bank statements on your regularly scheduled cycle.

How long can I continue to use my debit card? When will I get my replacement?

Prior to the conversion weekend of Oct. 13-15, all debit card holders from Northwestern Bank will receive a new Security National Bank VISA debit card. However, do not activate or use this card until 8 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 16. In the meantime, your Northwestern Bank debit card will continue to work throughout the conversion weekend (Oct. 13-15).

Will my debit card number stay the same?

Your new Security National Bank debit card will have a completely new card number as well as a new expiration date and security code. This information will need to be updated for any recurring payments you have set up with your debit card as the source of payment.

Will my debit card PIN change?

No, your debit card PIN will remain the same.

What if I lose my new debit card, or never receive it?

You should receive your new Security National Bank debit card prior to Conversion Weekend on Oct. 13-15. If you have not received your debit card by Wednesday, Oct. 11, please contact your local branch or reach out to customer support at (712) 277-6500. If you think your debit card is lost or stolen, call your local office. If you have the mobile app, you can temporarily deactivate your card by using the card controls feature.

What do I do with my old Northwestern Bank debit card?

Once your new debit card is active and usable, you can properly dispose of your old card.

How does this affect my loans?

There will be no change to your loans. Payments, interest rates, terms, etc. will not change from the originally agreed-upon terms.

Will loan decisions still be made locally?

Yes, our local lenders and lending decision process will remain the same.

What is the new website address?

Will online banking still work? How do I log in after the merge?

Northwestern’s online banking will be unavailable the night of Friday, Oct. 13 until the morning of Monday, Oct. 16, as the two banks’ online banking systems combine together. You should not plan to conduct any Northwestern Bank online banking or place any new bill pay transactions after 6:00 p.m. on Friday, October 13.

Then on Monday, October 16, you will log into online banking by using the top right menu at and clicking “Log In”. Your User ID and password will remain the same, however, you will be prompted to authenticate your identity by a system generated code. 

Will all of my old check images, statements and transaction history transfer over?


Q. I have recurring automatic payments set up to go somewhere else. Will these still work?

Yes, your existing automatic payments to other places, coming from a routing and account number, should continue to work. If for some reason they don’t, check to make sure they are not connected to a Debit Card number that will become inactive on Oct. 16.

I’m currently signed up for text and email alerts. Will these transfer over automatically?

No, you will need to reset your preferred alert settings inside online banking. If you need assistance, contact your local branch or call our customer support center at 712-277-6500.

I currently use online bill pay. Will my payees transfer over automatically?

Yes, all payees will transfer over automatically.

Will I need to download a new Mobile App?

Yes, you will need to download the SNB Mobile Banking App from the Apple or Google Play store on October 16. You will receive a text message the morning of Monday, Oct. 16, reminding you to download the new App. You can also visit on a computer, and text the download link to your phone.

What will happen to the Northwestern Bank App?

The current NWB Mobile App will be deactivated and removed from the App Stores on Monday, Oct. 16. To access your account(s), you must download and log into the Security National Bank Mobile App instead.

Will I need to update my credentials on the SNB Mobile App?

No, your user ID and password will remain the same. All of your account information and history will transfer over.

I use App features like Zelle (to send money), Credit Score (for my live score), and Personal Finance (to budget and track all my financial accounts). Will I have to reactivate these?

Yes, you will have to reactivate these app features by pressing their button(s) on the App. The process shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. If you have any issues, contact your local branch or the customer support team.

I am a business customer. Is anything changing with my online business banking?

You will need to log into the SNB online banking platform. However, your company ID, User ID and password combination will remain the same. ACH templates and the contents of those templates will remain the same along with scheduled ACH transfers.

Will my ACH direct deposits and other electronic activity still be valid?

Yes, there will be no change in how your ACH and Direct Deposits are processed for automatic transactions that are in place prior to the rebranding. However, starting October 16, if you establish a new ACH or Direct Deposit transaction, you will want to use Security National Bank’s routing number which is 073900085. This only applies to any new ACH/Direct Deposit set up on or after Oct. 16.

I deposit checks from the office. Will I still be able to do this?

Yes, however you will need a new URL to access the Remote Deposit Capture software. The Bank will supply you with this URL on an email message, as we get closer to Conversion Weekend (Oct. 13-15). Once you access the new link, your user ID will remain the same. However, you will need to re-register the device for any users who currently use the Remote Deposit Capture software at your place of business. Contact your local branch or connect with our support team at 1 (712) 277-6500 for further assistance.

If I have questions regarding my business online banking account, who do I contact?

Contact your local branch, or reach out to the Security National Bank customer support team at 1 (712)277-6500.

Will my safe deposit box change?


Will ATMs change?

Current Northwestern Bank ATM locations will remain the same. In addition, you have access to Security National Bank’s wide expanse of ATM locations throughout Siouxland (you can find the entire map at For most accounts, if you use a non SNB-owned ATM, there will be a fee increase from $1.00 per use to $1.50 per use.

What if my question isn't on this page?

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