Spread the Joy PB&J Drive

"Spread the Joy" Drive brings in record amount of PB&J

December 22, 2017

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — The annual “Spread the Joy” peanut butter and jelly drive has raised a record 4,697 pounds of donations for the Food Bank of Siouxland.

During the past month’s drive, which was sponsored by Security National Bank and television station KTIV, local residents and businesses brought thousands of jars of “PB&J” to the lobbies of SNB branches in Sioux City, Dakota Dunes, Akron, Mapleton, Lawton, Moville and Climbing Hill.

The final amount raised surpassed last year’s inaugural Spread the Joy total (3,691) by more than a thousand pounds.

“This peanut butter and jelly drive showcases the generosity of people in our community,” said Jeremy Craighead, executive vice president of Security National Bank. “We’re incredibly honored to be a part of it, and to provide help in Siouxland to those who need it most. 

“We truly appreciate this partnership with Security National Bank to support the Food Bank of Siouxland,” added Bridget Breen, general manager of KTIV. “The generosity of Siouxlanders helped us break a record for this year’s campaign and we are so thankful for the support and enthusiasm the community has shown.” 

Peanut butter and jelly are among the most expensive products for food banks to purchase in large quantities, due to their high demand and nutritional value, according to Linda Scheid, executive director of the Food Bank of Siouxland.

“Donating peanut butter is the perfect metaphor for kindness,” Scheid said. “One gesture can go a long way to make a difference in someone’s life and the community. It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s easy to do — and it’s good for you.”