"Spread the Joy" Drive brings in record amount of PB&J December 22, 2017

The annual "Spread the Joy" peanut butter and jelly drive has raised a record amount of donations for the Food Bank of Siouxland this year.

Chips vs. Strips: Why The New SNB Debit Card Is So Much Safer December 14, 2017

Stores and payment terminals across the country are now encouraging you to "insert" instead of "swipe" your card.

Dear Santa, What My Kids Really Meant To Say On Their Lists December 13, 2017

What do parents really want you to get their kids? One mom's note to Santa sets the record straight.

Celebrating the Sensational, Sticky Start of the "Spread the Joy" PB&J Drive December 11, 2017

When Linda Scheid thinks about Security National Bank's first peanut butter drive, one memory "sticks out" in particular.