SNB Celebrates 20 Years in the Dunes with 20 Weeks of Gifts July 10, 2017

In honor of its 20th anniversary in the Dunes, between now and November, SNB of South Dakota is celebrating with 20 weeks of giveaways that add up to over $5,000 in prizes. Stop by and register today!

Cyber Threats: 5 Bank Security Tips to Use On Your Home Computer June 13, 2017

Security National Bank vigilantly protects your financial data from cyber threats. Here's how you can do the same at home.

Giveaway Winner Sabre Industries Hosts Financial Wellness Event for Employees June 13, 2017

Earlier this year, Sabre Industries was chosen as the recipient of Security National Bank Wealth Management's $401 staff lunch giveaway.

Grant funds can "open the door" for first-time homebuyers June 13, 2017

Security National Bank explains how grant funds could be the key to unlocking your first or next home. Learn more.