Estate Planning: When Writing Your Will Won't Be Enough August 28, 2017

While legal and binding, the will has certain limitations; while it allows you to specify who should receive your assets in the future, a will can't guarantee how well those assets will be managed after your heirs actually receive them.

Two Security National Bank Employees Attend Trust Management Institute August 22, 2017

Two Security National Bank Wealth Management employees have recently completed curriculum work at the Cannon Financial Institute for trust management professionals in Boston, Mass.

Value of Farmland in Siouxland: What's Really Happening? August 18, 2017

On Aug. 24, join the SNB Wealth Management team and a panel of ag industry experts to discuss current farmland values, trends, risk management efforts and the market outlook - and what it all means for your future.

Seeing is Believing: Why Compounding Delivers Magical Results July 21, 2017

Compounding allows investors, particularly young investors, to grow their accounts at an exponential rate. Sound like hocus pocus? It's not. It's actually mathematics.