With the Debt Debate Behind Us, the Focus Returns To the Fed
One Casualty in the Inflation Fight: U.S. Household Debt
Is A Soft Landing For the U.S. Economy Probable?
Debt Ceiling Debate: Here’s What It Means for the Economy
Baseball Strategy: Surprisingly, An Effective Home Run For Investments Too
Economic Predictions Are About As Reliable As Forecasting the Weather
“In Investing, What Is Comfortable Is Rarely Profitable.”
Oh, the Prices We Pay: Is Cautious Optimism Too Much To Hope For?
Cooler Labor Numbers, But Likely Still Hot Enough to Continue Rate Hikes
The Yield Curve As An Economic Barometer
The Dual Purpose of the Rate Hike
Bank Soundness vs. Inflation Control: Keeping the Air in Both
What went wrong with Silicon Valley Bank?
Improved Outlooks Boost the Appeal For Bonds
“Predicting is Hard, Especially About the Future…”
Don't Fight the Fed? The Markets Just Got a Reminder
If Inflation is Going Down, Why Are Eggs Still Expensive? Disinflation, Explained:
When Will Enough “Good News” Tip the “Great News” Scale?
Diversifying Your Portfolio in 2023 is as Important as Ever
Will Overcorrection Ultimately Bring Inflation Down or Lead to a Recession?
How the New 401(k) Law Impacts Your Retirement Savings
The Willing Suspension of Disbelief...
Could an Economic Recovery be our Gift for 2023?
A Big Week for the Markets - Will Optimism be Detoured?
Job Market Remains Tight Despite the Fed's Efforts
Market Sneak Peek: Could Uptick In Holiday Shopping Be an Early Gift?
Silver Linings Investors Can Be Thankful For
Inflation: One Promising Report Does Not Equal a Trend
Everything Looks Like a Nail
Positive Third Quarter GDP: Trick or Treat?
3 Ways Inflation Can Be Good For Your Savings
Have We Reached the Bottom of the Bear?
Employment Numbers:  A Case of Good News/ Bad News
Economic & Market Commentary: “The End of the Beginning”
Fed Watch: Hopes Dashed for a "Powell Pivot"
You Can't Make This Stuff Up...
The U.S. dollar is mighty right now. Here's why it matters:
Breaking down the latest labor report (and what it means for the Fed)
What We Learned From Wyoming
How will mid-term elections affect the market?
The market is on its longest winning streak since November. Will it continue?
Are we in a recession or not?
Investor's Manifesto: A Beginners Guide to Investing
What a tree can teach us about investing
Turning Gloom Into Bloom
Investors: Keep Your Eye on the Ball
Has Diversification Struck Out?
A Wild Week in the Markets
Pour a Cup of Coffee, Sit Back, and Put Things in Context
Are You Investing? Here's an Important Bias to Recognize
Market Downturn: Have We Reached The Bottom Yet?
Recession in 2022? Here's why the risk remains "relatively low"
Value Investing as a Hedge Against Inflation
What Caused Last Week's Volatility? Our View on the Markets:
Exactly how grim was last week's GDP report?
"That 70's Show" - Produced and Directed by the Federal Reserve
Hotter Inflation: What Will The Fed Do To Fight It?
Answers to the 6 Retirement Questions We Hear Most Often
Time in the Market vs. Timing the Market
Does an Inverted Yield Curve Mean Recession? Not Necessarily
Backdoor Roth IRA: How to Build Your Nest Egg with an Accepted Tax Loophole
How Inflation and Volatility Can Be Your ... Friends?
How Does Iowa's New Flat Tax Benefit You?
Sometimes There's No Place to Hide
How to Invest During Chaotic Times
One Secret to Stopping Inflation? Getting Back to Work
Inflation Starting 2022 on a Hot Note
Does the "January Effect" Still Exist?
Is the Fed Prepared to Drive Through the Snowstorm?
What Happened to the Markets Last Week?
What's the Outlook for Inflation in 2022?
Year-End Investment Recap and 2022 Outlook
2021: The Year of Meme Stocks, Return of Inflation and a Worker Shortage
A New Year's Resolution to Last a Lifetime
Rebalancing: A Holiday Tradition For Your Portfolio
How to Keep "1980's Style" Inflation From Gobbling Up Your Savings
Payroll vs. Unemployment Numbers: Why Don't They Add Up?
Will inflation, supply shortages dampen the holiday shopping spirit?
Inflation and the Stock Market: A Brief History (and a Prediction)
Employment increases provide promising outlook
The Official Taper Announcement
How to take the fright out of investing
Do you have a "nothing lasts forever" investment strategy?
Where have all the workers gone?
"I can't see the forest. There are too many trees..."
The Fed officially begins its taper talk
Will September live up to its bad reputation?
Is now the best time to invest?
A Taper Tantrum Repeat Hasn't Happened and Here's Why
Will the market get a back to school boost?
Inflation is Here. The Question is, Will it Stay?
Why Didn't the Economy Grow as Much as We Thought It Would?
What Really Drives Economic Growth?
The Official End of the Coronavirus Recession
Inflation's Impact on the Market and More; Second Quarter Review
Investing Can Reflect Moral Values - and Higher Portfolio Values, Too
Your Portfolio Needs a Wellness Checkup, Too
Looking Ahead: How Will The Post-Pandemic Market Impact You?
Commodity Prices Begin to Cool Off
The Fed Thinks Inflation is Transitory. Is the Market Buying It?
Return of the "Meme Stocks"
Rising Home Prices and the Overall Economy
The Flip Side of the FOMC Dual Mandate
Unemployment, Inflation & What's Happening in the Economy
Influencing Inflation and the Economy
Promising Economic Growth and What Drives It
Proposed Capital Gains Tax Changes; What Impact Might They Have?
A Deeper Dive into the Fed's New Policy
Inflation Transitions and How They Are Influenced
The Good, The Bad, and The Takeaways
First Quarter Stocks Finish Strong
Investing During a Pandemic: 3 Important Takeaways
The Bond Vigilantes Ride Again
An Upward Chain Reaction, One Year Into the Pandemic
Is Now the Time to Give a Big Gift While You Still Can?
The Drivers Behind the Rise in Interest Rates
The Growth vs. Value Stock Debate (2021 Edition)
Three of President Biden's Proposals and Their Possible Effect
Rising Interest Rates; More Than What Meets the Eye
Financial Planning vs. Saving For Retirement: What's the Difference?
The Rising Impact of Market Speculation
GameStop Mania: Why Patience Pays More Than Timing Hyped Stocks
Vaccinating America: An Economic Driver
New Year, New Portfolio: Why Rebalancing is So Important
Turning The Page: A Year-End Market Recap
Will We See Another "Santa Claus Rally" This Year?
Year-End Tax Tips for 2020
Unwrapping the Gift of Capital Gain Distributions
6 Life and Death Documents Every Person Should Have
Turning the Page: What to Expect in 2021
November, 2020; A Month to Remember
The Dow Just Reached 30,000. Is 40K Just Around the Corner?
How Will Holiday Sales Be Different This Year (And Does the Market Care)?
The Vaccine Race and Its Impact on the Markets
Two Signs the Economy is Headed in the Right Direction
My Fellow Americans, Our Long National Nightmare is Over...
Another Round of Stimulus: Trick or Treat?
Will the Pandemic Stifle Holiday Shopping Season?
How Do Presidential Elections Affect the Stock Market?
Value vs. Dividend: What's Your Stock Market Game Plan?
Do you understand the financial risks you are taking?
Low Interest Rates: An Opportunity or a Challenge?
Lower for Longer
Is the Pandemic Putting Municipal Bonds in Jeopardy?
Why Apple's Stock Split Caused a Dow Shake-Up
Retiring Early? 9 Things to Consider Before Calling It Quits
A Rising Tide Has Not Lifted All Boats
Which Trends Will Last in a Post-Pandemic World?
A Long and Winding Road...
The Pandemic's Initial Impact on the Economy Becomes Clearer
How to Cope With the Investing Emotional Roller Coaster of 2020
Index Concentrations - Are all your eggs in one basket?
The Stock Market's Wild Ride
Mid-year Market Recap: More Fireworks to Come?
Death and Passwords: How to Gain Access to a Loved One's Digital Assets
Are We In a V-Shaped Recovery?
"We're not even thinking about raising rates."
How to Stay Ahead of Inflation in Your Investments
What a Difference a Year Can Make
What Does the Market's "New Normal" Look Like?
"Play the Long Game."
A Hard Look: Job Losses and the Economic Toll of Coronavirus
Coronavirus and the Market: Four Things We've Learned
"I Did Not See That Coming": The Oil Crash and What Happens Next
Coronavirus Recession: How Long Will it Last?
As the Economy Rebuilds, What Shape Will the Recovery Take?
How to Stay a Disciplined Investor During Volatile Times
Rebalancing Your Portfolio, in Times of Uncertainty
Putting Things Into Perspective
Keep Calm and Carry On
March Madness: Preparing for the Market Volatility Ahead
What is the Best State for Your Trust? Let's Take a Look:
The Economy is "In a Good Place." Thank the U.S. Consumer.
Good Investment Principles Are More Important Than Predictions
How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Impact the Economy?
The Big Business of the Super Bowl (and a Super Sunday Superstition)
Balancing Act: When Rebalancing Your Portfolio Makes the Most Sense
The Year No Financial Experts Saw Coming
A Review of the Market's Best Decade Since WWII (and What To Expect for 2020)
Cousin Eddie's Financial Advice
Why Diversification Matters in Investing
'Tis the Season for Consumer Spending
And So It Begins ...
Investors Have Lots of Reasons to be Thankful in 2019
Correlation is not causation, unless it is ...
A 2-Minute History Lesson to Make You a Better Investor
Are Your Emotions Hurting Your Retirement Savings?
Could Your Portfolio Reflect Your Values?
A Stroll Down Memory Lane ...
"Shock-tober?" A Closer Look at the Stock Market's Spookiest Month
"TINA" is Back!
Like TVs, Mutual Funds are Getting Cheaper. Here's Why:
Answers to 3 of the Retirement Questions That We Hear Most Often
The Tug of War Between Growth and Value Stocks
Relatively Speaking ...
How Much Credit (or Blame) Should a President Get on the Economy?
Inverted Yield Curve: A Dashboard Indicator for the Markets?
Sir Isaac Newton on Investing (or, Where's the Value in Growth?)
How the Strength of the Dollar Affects the U.S. Economy
You're a Mean Reversion, Mr. Grinch
Gauging the U.S. GDP: An Uphill Battle or Downward Slope in 2019?
Why Should You Care About the National Housing Market?
When it Comes to Investing, "Home Country Bias" Hits Even Closer to Home
What the Great "Satchel" Paige Can Teach Us About Today's Market:
Growth vs. Value Investing: The Difference Has Never Been So Extreme
Fed Forecast: What to Expect Next For Interest Rates
At the Intersection of Economics and Politics: Taking the Long View
Why Slower Job Growth Can Mean a Positive Stock Market
Tariffs Aside, How is the Rest of the U.S. Economy Performing?
Security National's Zellmer Earns Trust Certification
U.S.-China Trade Conflict: How to Protect Your Portfolio
Roth vs. Traditional 401(k): How to Decide Which Retirement Plan is Better For You
Breaking Down the U.S.-China Trade Breakdown
Sell in May and Go Away? Maybe Not This Year ...
A Personal Note: Why Everything Matters
Hunting for Unicorns: Is Gambling on Tech Startups a Sound Investment Strategy?
How Long Can The Current Bull Market Last?
Battle of Brick & Mortar vs. E-Commerce, Who is Winning?
Is the Yield Curve Flashing Recession?
Battle of the Sexes: Who Invests Better, Men or Women?
Happy Birthday, Bull Market! (A Reflection on the Longest Upward Market Run in History)
Two of the Most Important Investment Charts You'll Ever See
The Yield Curve: What it is, and Why it Matters to You
Why Last Year's Market Meltdown Might Actually Be a Good Sign
Security National Promotes Two Trust Officers to Assistant Vice President
"Patience" is Key: Could The Fed Be Done Raising Interest Rates?
What a "State of Wall Street" Address Would Sound Like
Diversification: An Investment Strategy for All Seasons
What is the Government Shutdown's Impact on the Market and Economy?
Why Should You Stay Invested During Market Corrections?
What the Price-Earnings (P/E) Ratio Tells Us About the Market
Well, That's Behind Us. What's Next?
The Markets vs. the Fed, Who Will Be Right?
Is The Fed Steering Us to Recession in 2019 or a Soft Landing?
What Happens When the Stock Market and Bonds Fall Together?
Has the Fed Changed Course for 2019 - And Should You Be Worried?
Your Portfolio: Why Minimizing Your Losses is More Important Than Maximizing Gain
So, Will this Keep Going?
What Effect Will Midterm Elections Have on the Stock Market?
What is Confirmation Bias, and How Does It Affect Your Investments?
3 Important Money Lessons Your Children Need to Know
Market Volatility: The Best Offense is a Good Defense
Spooked by Volatility? Here's How to Protect Your Investments:
Will Lowest Unemployment in 40 Years Bring Higher Inflation?
What Caused the Drop? Our View on the Markets
Security National Bank's Cruickshank Earns National Certification
How to Set Short-Term and Long-Term Financial Goals
What We Learned From the Feds Last Week: A Rate Increase and So Much More
Diversification is Such a Drag ... And That's a Good Thing For Your Portfolio
How to Avoid Inheritance Conflicts (4 Helpful Tips)
What Every Caregiver Needs to Know About Power of Attorney
Security National Bank's Pflanz awarded CRPS® Designation
How Using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Can Help Minimize Your Taxes
What's The Difference Between Saving and Investing?
Recession Obsession: How Worrying Too Much Can Ruin a Record Bull Market
Is the Role of the Active Manager Obsolete?
3 Reasons U.S. Stocks Are Outperforming the Rest of the World
How to Chart a Course Amid Market Volatility
Where Has All The Volatility Gone?
Housing, Rising Interest Rates, and BBQ Pits
Would You Benefit From A Trust?
Lifecycle Funds: Let Them "Do Their Thing"
Recoveries Do Not Die of Old Age!
SNB's Gagnon awarded Accredited Estate Planner® Designation
How Following Your Values Can Impact Your Investments
More on the Legislation that Could Alter your Retirement Savings
How to Prepare Financially for Parenthood
6 Key Things to Understand on Your Investment Statement
Is the Flattening Yield Curve Actually a Warning Sign?
Four Keys to Making Your Budget Work Harder
How to Stay Ahead of Inflation in Your Retirement Savings
The Fundamentals of Index Funds: What You Need to Know
Why You Should Tune Out the Market's Gloom-and-Doom Headlines
Counting on Social Security for Retirement? Here's Why That's a Dangerous Path
Why You Should Consider CDs for Your Investment Portfolio
3 Investment Mistakes to Sidestep in Your Portfolio
Almost Mid-Year Thoughts
Confessions of a Math Nerd: Why Bonds are So Fascinating
Your Legacy Plan: How to Leave Behind More Than Money
Security National Bank Welcomes Clausen to Wealth Management Division
A Trust That Goes on Forever? Understanding Dynasty Trusts
Million Dollar Question: When Will the Next Recession Occur?
Passing the Baton to the Next Generation
Retirees and Financial Scams: How to Protect Yourself
Investment Basics: Diversification: A Tool to Temper Risk
What is a Fiduciary and Why Should You Care?
Companies are Exceeding Expectations. Why Isn't the Market?
Investment Basics: Planning the Withdrawal of Your Retirement Assets
Investment Basics: A Win-Win Legacy Strategy
Top-Down, Bottom-Up, or Both?
The Return of Yield: Interest Rates and Your Portfolio
How to Protect Your Portfolio From Trade Wars
Investment Basics: Tax Strategies for Retirees
Investment Basics: Diversification - The Tax Angle
Investment Volatility - Stick to the Travel Plan and Stay the Course
Investment Basics: Incentive Trusts -- Keeping a Steady Hand on the Tiller
Mixed Messages - What is Right?
Investment Basics: How Mutual Fund Investments Are Taxed
What's It Worth to You?
Built to Last
Investment Basics: Can You Contribute More?
At Federal Reserve, There's a New Sheriff in Town
Have You Explored Every Corner of Your Retirement Plan?
Millennials Have Better Savings Habits Than You Think
Investment Basics: Above-the-Line Deductions: Can You Benefit?
Investment Basics: Buy and Hold: A Good Strategy?
Market Volatility - A Balanced Approach
Security National Bank's Biernbaum Awarded CFP® Designation
In a Jumpy Market, Keeping Your Nerve is Important
Investment Basics: Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan
At the Intersection of Economics and Politics
Investment Basics: High-Yield Bonds: Weight the Risks
Security National Bank Names New Trust Officer
3 Important 'Rules of the Road' to Retirement
Happy Birthday to ETF!
Investment Basics: A 401(k) Checkup
The Latte Factor: How to Save Money
Investor Optimism's Effect on the Stock Market
Investment Basics: A Better Way To Use Your Tax Refund
Investment Basics: Understanding Your 401(k)
Will Disappointing Job Creation Lead to Lower Rates?
Expect the Best, Prepare for... Something Else?
Investment Basics: Keep It Positive
Investment Basics: Exploring the Investment World
Net Neutrality: What Lies Ahead?
Investment Basics: A Financial Action Plan for the Future
Investment Basics: What is the Meaning of Yield in Finance?
'Tis The Season of Steady Economic Growth
Investment Basics: The Gain-Loss Game
The Road to Tax Reform Is Just Beginning
Investment Basics: Mutual Funds - The Selection Process
Mind The Gap
How To Manage Post "Trump Bump" Market Expectations
Investment Basics: Meandering Through the Mutual Fund Maze
College and Retirement: Can You Save for Both Goals?
Investment Basics: Put the Past in Perspective
Reducing Taxes Through Tax Loss Harvesting
The GDP is Showing Surprising Growth. So What?
If The Unexpected Happens, Who's Your Financial Backup?
An Annual Wellness Exam That Can Actually Save You Money
Investment Basics: Reading the Signs
Learning From The Past
A U.S. Jobs Update: Making Sense of Employment Numbers, Hurricane Impact And More
Investment Basics: Financial Info - Be Ready To Grab and Go!
4 Costly Misconceptions About Women And Retirement
Estate Planning: When Writing Your Will Won't Be Enough
Two Security National Bank Employees Attend Trust Management Institute
Seeing is Believing: Why Compounding Delivers Magical Results
SNB's Sitzmann, husband named chair couple of the annual Bishop's Dinner
Security National Bank's OShea Promoted to Securities Analyst
Top 12 Questions People Ask About Retirement Withdrawals